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Availability and fees

I work face to face from my office at Seale Hayne Campus. I also offer supervision online. I have availability Mondays to Thursdays, but please contact me for further information about availability.

My fees are £50 per hour of supervision.


I am a qualified supervisor as well as a humanist integrative counsellor. I offer clinical supervision to experienced therapists and trainees, as well as other individuals working in the helping profession who require supportive reflection and supervision in their roles.

I am passionate about supporting my fellow therapists and helping professionals by offering high quality, relational and restorative supervision; facilitating growth and development towards their full potential.

I have an NCS accredited Supervision Diploma from the Iron Mill College. My supervisory practice is based on Hawkins and Shohet's  7-eyed model as well as Stoltenberg and Delworth's integrative development model. It is also deeply entrenched in the humanist values of my core training, so I place both relationship, and the value of the unique individual at the heart of my work. 


I aim to provide a safe, trusting and contained space for you to reflect on your work. I will work transparently with you and encourage you to be curious about all aspects of your work and who you are as a practitioner, with the aim of facilitating your development, enhancing ethical practice and promoting good quality practice for you and your clients.

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